If you finally met someone who you think fits you, you want to make sure that the relationship lasts. You don’t want to do something that might scare the other person off. But you don’t want to “stalk” her either. So, how to get the balance? How can you start a new relationship with the right foot?

#1: Control Your Enthusiasm:

We know it is always great when we finally meet someone who seems to fulfill us. However, you need to make sure that you hold back on the celebrations until you let the relationship evolve a bit. You don’t want to spread the word out just yet that you have found the person of your dreams. And this means holding your celebrations with the person you found as well or you might pull them off.

#2: Give The Relationship Time And Space To Grow:

Although you may be tempted to keep reaching your phone and talking to your new mate, you may need to consider it twice. However, between calls, text messaging, social media, emails, and God knows what more, you may suffocate the other person. Give some time for both of you to miss each other, to get excited about the next call or text message, about the next date.

warm relationship

#3: Don’t Reveal A Lot Too Soon:

We all have our life experiences – some good and some bad. However, you don’t need to tell your new mate about all your life, with specific details, about everything that has ever happened to you. You will have plenty of time for that. The first months of a new relationship are the times to have fun, to have no worries about anything. Just enjoy this period.

#4: You Have A Life Besides Your New Relationship:

No matter how thrilled you are with your new relationship, you shouldn’t neglect all the other aspects of your life. Your match was attracted to you when you went to work, when you were with your friends, when you had interests and hobbies. So, just keep being yourself.

#5: Don’t Rush Things:

All the good things in life take their time. Learn to enjoy them. There’s no need to rush your match in case they are not ready for the next stage. Just go slowly, and enjoy every single moment you have.

There is no way to know if a relationship has a future when it is just starting. It’s great that you feel good about it and that you want to celebrate and spend all the free time you have with your match. However, try to have some balance and think about your match at the same time. Even though they might be as excited as you are, they may not show it the way you would like. Or they may need more time to adapt to big changes in their lives.

Simply put, the beginning of a relationship is a beautiful time and you can enjoy it now. So, make sure you have the most out of it. Regarding the future, only time can tell.